Since 2001, TelcoSolutions has been providing Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) with SAGE. This unique U.S. patented tool helps LEAs to quickly and accurately generate:

  • Subpoenas
  • Search Warrants
  • Court Orders
  • Request Forms
  • or any form you need

SAGE produces the agency's document (herein after referred to as "subpoena(s)") ready for signature and delivery to the served company or individual.

SAGE is available as a PC-based, network-based or web-based system. With well over 7,000 licensed users, SAGE is the leading system for automatically generating subpoenas based on telephone numbers, URLs, IP addressess (IPv4 & IPv6) and user entered information.

We could go on and on about SAGE, but this quote nails it.

"I wanted to express my gratitude for being able to use the SAGE system. This system literally saves me hours of time and work. From processing one phone number to 100 at a time, SAGE is seamless, easy and has made my job so much more stress-free, especially while on a Pen Register or a TIII. I have trained 90% of my office (Agents and Investigative Assistants) on the system now, and they are all amazed how well the system works, how easy it is to input the information, and how fast they receive a completed Subpoena/Summons in their email, literally minutes later. I am amazed with the updated telephone company information, the system's ability to search for ported numbers and assigning another Subpoena/Summons without the user having to do any additional steps. If you could please share this email with anyone associated with the production of SAGE, I would appreciate it, I would like them to know that all of their efforts and hard work have really paid off for an amazing product for the field.

Intelligence Research Specialist"*

* Contact for agency information